Athletic Council

Who we are!

Athletic Council is a fun, inclusive group that works to promote athletics and healthy living amongst the STL community. We host a number of school wide events, such as the basketball buy-in, health awareness week, and the athletic banquet. Athletic council members plan and attend these events in order to ensure they run smoothly and are enjoyable for our student body. In addition to our well-known events, athletic council members also play an active role in organizing sports teams. Each member is assigned a team at the beginning of each season, and it is their task to ensure the team is equipped with uniforms, first aid supplies, and has paid all their fees. At the end of each season, we also vote on who will become the newest athlete of the season. If you are passionate about sports and athletics, are interested in promoting a healthy active lifestyle, and want to make a difference in the STL community, then athletic council is right for you!

Why should YOU join?

Sports. Health. Fun. These are just three words that describe what Athletic Council is really about. So why should you choose to join Athletic Council? Athletic council is both an exciting and rewarding opportunity to get involved with our school community, while promoting the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. You will be able to take part in multiple events, including our Annual Basketball Buy-In, Health Awareness Week, and of course, our much anticipated end of the year Athletic Banquet. Athletic Council will allow you to gain and learn valuable skills, meet new people, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


- Basketball Buy In
- Body Break
- Health Awareness Week
- Athletic Banquet