Diversity & Equity Council

Who we are!

As Diversity & Equity Council, we aim to start the discussion on serious topics such as cultural, mental, and racial diversity to create a more open hearted STL community whilst building a family within the council itself. We are the council that opens up their arms to all with events such as Mental Health Awareness Week, Where You At, and Disability Awareness Day. We also host events out of this world (pun intended ;) ) such as Cultural Week and Salsa Night that celebrate Canada’s proud multicultural community offering students to try different traditional foods, dances, and music! As a council we rejoice in the differences that make our identities, and strive to teach each other acceptance through understanding to stomp out degrading stigmas. If you want to make a change, D&E is the family for you!

Why should YOU join?

D&E is the council that offers a voice to all those who see a brighter future for the world, while at the same time providing a second family for each other. We plant the seeds of acceptance into the STL community through activities that might seem simple on the surface but function to build innate layers of acceptance our society needs to function in harmony. We are a council, we are a group, we are a family with shared ambitions to make at least someone in our community smile today because they finally feel at home.


- Culturalicious
- Cultural Week
- Where You At?
- Mental Health Awareness Week
- Disability Awareness Day