Intramural Council

Who we are!

Intramural Council dedicates it's time to ensure that all members of the student body are able to participate in school events by hosting various activities, competitions, games, and excursions for the students to take part in. Common events include: Floor Hockey Drop-In, Soccer Drop-In, Volleyball Buy-In, TFC Night, and many more. All of these events help to provide opportunities for students to feel welcome in the school by socializing with other members of the student body in a fun and non-competitive environment. Intramural Council organizes these events from the planning stage to the final product, and provides a learning experience for council members to develop their interpersonal skills, creativity, and abilities to work in team settings. Nonetheless, Intramural Council takes pride in being the returning YLCC conference game champions!

Why should YOU join?

Joining the Intramural Council means that you are a hard-working student seeking an opportunity to work with others. The Intramural Council is a fun and exciting setting where members enjoy making long-lasting friendships and celebrating their successes. One of the most amazing qualities of this council is the passion and integrity that comes from its members. We seek the same from new members. Moreover, we are a family. One should join this council because they want to join this family, work with peers, and give back to the school community in every exciting way possible.


- Floor Hockey Drop-In
- Dodgeball Drop-In
- Ultimate Frisbee Drop-In
- TFC Night
- Basketball Drop-In
- Bocce Drop-In
- Volleyball Buy-In
- … and many more!