Social Justice Council

Who we are!

The Social Justice Council consists of passionate leaders who strive to make a difference in our world. Each member shares the desire to help those who face injustices, such as violence, poverty, and discrimination. In all our events, we work to spread awareness about different injustices as well as raise funds to help those in need. For example, we spread awareness through our monthly awareness events. We set up a trifold with information on a topic and we also have trivia questions that students can answer to learn more! For example, one month, we focused on women’s rights. We also host a large fundraiser during Christmas time (OSN) where we collect non-perishable food and clothing items that are then given to various homeless shelters and food banks. This year, STL worked together and collected over 15,000 items!

Why should YOU join?

Social Justice council is a great opportunity to work towards making a difference in our school, community, and the world in any way we can. When you are a part of the council, you are a part of a family; a family who shares similar passions and has the drive to help those in need. If you are passionate about tackling injustice and you want to make a difference, the Social Justice Council is the place for you!


- Peace Day
- Operation St. Nick
- Monthly Awareness Events (some themes include: women’s rights, abortion, police violence…)
- Social Justice Night